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What is D’vine Yoga?

D'vine means "HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS or SUPREME EXISTENCE" Yoga means "Union, to be one, to merge with higher consciousness (absolute truth)''.

D'vine Yoga is yoga of awareness, higher consciousness and absolute truth. Through yoga practice. We come to understanding, That best way to live happy, healthy, prosperous, and successful life is to let.

Let the absolute, higher consciousness prevails, permeate your life and become whole "Let the D'vine descend and dawn in you, to flow through you and lead tour life''.

By sharing the knowledge to live a joyful and blissful life, we seek to raise the consciousness, health and happiness of the general population on the planet.

Dvine Yoga offers Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India - Hatha, Ashtanga Yoga Course RYS 200, 300 & 500.

What is D’vine Yoga?

Meet Our Yoga Teachers

We have group of teachers, who are highly qualified, loving, caring and deep in spiritual experience.

We are mix team of Eastern and Western teachers.

200 hour yoga teacher training in rishikesh
Swami Sachidanand

Lead Trainer

Fani Hristova

RYT-200 (Hatha/Tantra Teacher)

Nikhil Rawat

RYT-500 (Advanced Ashtanga Teacher)

Kartik Bhandari

RYT-200/300 (Hatha/Ashtanga Teacher)

Yogesh Jakhmola

RYT-200/300 (Anatomy Teacher)

Marie Richtsfeld
Marie Richtsfeld

Hatha & YIN Teacher

Manoj Badhani
Manoj Badhani

Hatha/ Ashtanga Teacher

Krystsina Asipenka

RYT-200/ Hatha / D'vine Yoga



The ultimate breathing exercise for releasing repressed feelings and emotions. You will feel a sensational energy flow through your body.

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Another breathing exercise that consists of forceful breathing, which enables oxygen to reach deeper parts of the lungs.


Pranayama means life force energy. During this process you consciously inhale, exhale and

hold your breath. This increase of oxygen in the body will activate and revitalize each cell. More oxygen has many benefits, incaluding a more clear and focused mind.


It is a well known fact that meditation calms the mind, lowers blood pressure and has an overall positive effect on health. We go straight into guided and silent meditations after breathing, which prepares our body and mind for meditation.


At the end of the breathing and meditation process we engage in interactive group exercises which help increase self confidence and acceptance. Everyone is encouraged to share their experience with the group, which in itself is a very powerful experience. Individual exercises enable us to re-think and re-examine our life and see it from a new perspective.


Mind becomes more focused and memory is enhanced
Removes toxins (accumulated stress) from every cell in your body
Gives enormous joy and enthusiasm
Harmonizes personal and professional relationships
Relives depression, worries and anxiety
Strengthens your immune system
Reduces cortisol (stress hormone)
Increases protactinium (well-being hormone)
Increase in antioxidant enzyme level
Increase in concentration, confidence and responsibility
Enhances interpersonal skills, greater creativity and clear perception
Enables you able to control anger and minimize negativity


This technique is essence of Swami Sachidananda, in depth knowledge and insights of the spiritual world. For several years, he has personally observed, experimented, explored and pursued through various path and ways to offer a Meditation technique, which could be complete inner transformation. Mystically enough , on one fine day SSK was revealed to him in different segment,complementing each other logically and scientifically to help in raising the level of human consciousness. however Swami ji says

“I can not take the credit for developing this kriya, there are many divine hands behind it and deep quest to find something which can help the whole humanity”.

Dvine Yoga offers Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India - Hatha, Ashtanga Yoga Course RYS 200, 300 & 500.



Now a days stress , tension has become a biggest threat , which leads to several diseases. It has been scientifically approved and accepted that stress is responsible for increasing number of patients of heart diseases and blood pressure . It leads to almost every kind of ailment from migraine to cancer. it also contribute to insanity and social disorders leading to hypertension,indigestion, constipation,palpitation,insomnia and impotence.it has It not only encourages ill health and diseases but also inhibits our immune system and dampens the entire healing process.

Sanjeevani Shakti Kriya is one of the most successful antidotes to to stress. it has been designed to release all accumulated stress and complexities in the body and mind , so that it becomes easier to experience the state of thoughtlessness of meditation.


The best thing that can be said about this kriya is that after completion of seminar and practicing it 25 -30 minutes we will feel much better that what we feel after 10-12 hrs of sleep . We find ourselves more restful, relaxed and alert to cope up with everyday situations and problems. We develop a greater capacity to enjoy life to its fullest .

Our confidence level goes up and we tend to be more creative. SSK has been established as a certain cure for diseases like diabetes, blood pressure,heart problem, arthritis, joint pain and all sorts of stomach disorder. It also helps us in treating mind related problems like anger , stress,tension, depression, and schizophrenia. a regular practice of kriya bestow us stress free living and sense of well being.that you may have not experienced before.. We will sleep better ,think better , and above all we live better. In short , we feel great to be living as as a human being. It offer us a profound spiritual experience.

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For thousand of years , man has thought that mind and body are separate entities. Now , it is established they are two ends of same pole. Man is psycho-somatic or somato -psychic, he is mind- body or body- mind phenomenon. Invisible body is the soul and visible soul is the body . They are not two separate entities they are different states of vibrations of the same entity.

Illness can begin from either of two ends. It can start from our body and reach to our soul or it can originate from other end and reach to our body. Sometimes man is physically cured of diseases continues to be feeling ill, clinically everything is right but the patient does not feel good. The fact behind is that medicine can treat only” BODY ” Medical science fails to do anything about the root cause of diseases which have deeper connotations. Diseases originate from deeper end and the cure for inner diseases is the Meditation. Meditation has that curative feature which can cure deep root. Kriya is mandatory for modern man due to a simple reason that enlightenment may not be everyone’s objective but good health and vitality are definitely their concern.

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Sanjeevani Shakti Kriya enshrines the spiritual Technique and traditions of the world East and as well as West . people find it considerably easy to practice and apply in their lives. Simplicity is the key feature of SSK. Each stage of the process has been clearly set out in simple manner so that it is easy to follow steps, this also enhances its effectiveness.. Great advantage is that it works at all levels of the body, mind and soul. It contains four stages , which last for 25- 30 minutes of everyday practice. It is best to practice empty stomach wearing loose clothes. Kriya can be done alone,but it is more powerful and energetic if it is done group.

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What is D’vine Yoga?


Practice once and we will find the result immediately, even after 2nd day of sincere practice. we will feel something remarkable has happened.We may become a new person altogether …

This special form of breathing/meditation, helps us to exhale trapped emotions. It also activates all the energy lines in our body, and is very beneficial for our health. and spiritual growth.

Since it is not uncommon to feel like crying or laughing during and after this kriya, we hold a safe space in which we can release our repressed emotions without fear of interruption or judgement. After this exercise we will feel much more refreshed, clear, calm and focused!

We are looking forward to guiding you through Sanjeevani Shakti Kriya experience!

Best yoga teacher training in Rishikesh - Yoga school in India affiliated by Yoga Alliance, USA. Dvine Yoga offers Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India - Hatha, Ashtanga Yoga Course RYS 200, 300 & 500.

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