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Become A Certified Yoga Teacher Online !

RYT-200 / 300 / 500

Become a Certified Yoga Teacher/D’vine lover /warrior to spread the message of love, peace, joy, happiness, and liberation. we are offering a D’vine Yoga Teacher training courses ONLINE until unable to travel or otherwise?

D’vine Yoga is accredited with the Yoga Alliance to secure a new path for you to graduate as an online Registered Yoga Teacher during the COVID-19 period.

Avail This Incredible Opportunity during this challenging time.

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India - RYS 200, 300
200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

We are a well established yoga school in Rishikesh with a best team of inspirational , dedicated experienced and highly skilled Yoga teachers/gurus.

300 Hour Teacher Training in India

Nobody can ever know enough about yoga. With time, the art of Yoga has been evolving and new discoveries and benefits of yoga have been disclosed.

online yoga classes india
Online Yoga Courses and Classes

Our Online Yoga courses are designed to change challenges into incredible opportunities. From the comforts of your home you can bring a profound experience of personal growth & inner healing.

Best Yoga Teacher Training in India

200 Hour Hatha/Ashtanga/Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in India

  • We are a well established yoga school in Rishikesh with a best team of inspirational , dedicated experienced and highly skilled Yoga teachers/gurus.

  • Our Yoga classes are best rated and well planned with depth in experience.

  • We are best reckoned and specialized from years to widespread authenticity of yoga.

  • We have best and advance curriculum to meet need and demands of modern day life

style, keeping our ancient root firm (intact).

  • Our Therapeutic Yoga class are best and well explained with the help of videos & PPT( power point presentations).

  • You will experience best meditation technique Sanjeevani Kriya. To know more about Sanjeevani Kriya.

Email Us At : Info@artdvine.com

best yoga schools in india

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“Body is the bow, asana is the arrow, & the soul is the target.




☼ Student of yoga since childhood

☼ E-RYT 500 Hour with Yoga Alliance

☼ 950 Hour Therapeutic AYTTC under accreditation from International

Association of Yoga Therapist (IAYT)

☼ Post graduation in Yoga Philosophy

Yoga Teacher Training India 2020 - 2021

Our TTC Reviews

Ana Stojanovska
Ana Stojanovska

North Greece

I recently finished 200h yoga TTC with D'vine yoga. It was deeply spiritually moving experience for me.

I have learned different styles of yoga including Hatha, Vinyasa yoga and powerful Ashtanga Yoga which i loved the most. it helps a lot to go safely and deeper into our practice.

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Suruchi Bharati


I recently completed the teacher training With Swamiji.

I am short of words to describe what a beautiful Inner journey it's been with them. The training comprised all styles including hatha , ashtanga, vinyasa flow.

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Charuta Joshi
Charuta Joshi


I recently completed online 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Dvine Yoga. The training was very well structured & paced.

We got to learn different styles of yoga such as Hath yoga, Ashtaga yoga, Vinyasa style & information about restorative yoga. I

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Krystsina Asipenka


First time I met Swami Sachidanand in 2015 and attended SANJEEVANI SHAKTI KRIYA and Kriya Yoga. It was mind blowing, energetic and very strong experience for me. I was super happy and enthusiastic .It greatly influenced me and my life .Swami Sachidanand is a spiritual teacher and guru.

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Meet Our Yoga Teachers

We have group of teachers, who are highly qualified, loving, caring and deep in spiritual experience.

We are mix team of Eastern and Western teachers.

200 hour yoga teacher training in rishikesh

Lead Trainer


RYT-200 Hatha/Tantra Teacher


RYT-500 Advanced Ashtanga Teacher


RYT-200/300 Hatha/Ashtanga Teacher


RYT-200/300 Anatomy Teacher

Marie Richtsfeld

Hatha & YIN Teacher

Manoj Badhani

Hatha/ Ashtanga Teacher

Krystsina Asipenka

RYT-200/ Hatha / D'vine Yoga

Daily Live Online Yoga Classes During COVID - 19 Period

We all know that all yoga classes and teacher training are canceled due to fear of the spreading coronavirus. So in this situation we are here to help you continue your practices, D’vine Yoga offers weekly online Yoga and Meditation classes through the ZOOM app.

Join Zoom Meeting

Login Url : https://us04web.zoom.us/j/9324124187

Meeting ID: 932 412 4187


6:00 AM, 1:00 PM and 5:30 PM

Note: preregistration required to join the classes, email us at

info@artdvine.com to register in the course. Once the pre-registration is done.

we will send meeting password to your email. Please feel free to share it with your friends & family.

About D'vine Yoga

best yoga schools in india

What is D’vine Yoga?

D'vine means "HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS or SUPREME EXISTENCE" Yoga means "Union, to be one, to merge with higher consciousness (absolute truth)''.

D'vine Yoga is yoga of awareness, higher consciousness and absolute truth. Through yoga practice. We come to understanding, That best way to live happy, healthy, prosperous, and successful life is to let.

Let the absolute, higher consciousness prevails, permeate your life and become whole "Let the D'vine descend and dawn in you, to flow through you and lead tour life''.

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Styles of Yoga : Hatha, Hatha Vinyasa, Ashtanga ( primery series ), restorative and therapeutic Yoga

Asanas – Traditional Hatha and hatha vinyasa yoga poses along with its physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual effects, incorporating from beginner to intermediate and advanced level

Ashtanga ( primery series )

Various breathing excercises and types of Pranayama

Mudras(gesture) and Bandhas (Locks)

Shat Kriyas – the classical yogic purification technique

Initiation to Uddiana Bandha (Abdominal suction) and Nauli Kriya (Abdominal churning)

Guided deep Relaxation techniques including Yoga Nidra

Meditation – Various Meditations (Guided and unguided), Mantra meditation, breath based meditation

Daily teaching and practice class to understanding how to teach the asanas – we break down the asanas and understand alignment, common errors, and how to correct students posture.

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